Computer Vision Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer


In Cezeri Artificial Intelligence Team, the projects are conducted under three main categories which are high level autonomy, situational awareness and advanced safety. Our team is working on different subjects like

  • Machine Learning and Rule Based Intelligent Systems,
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing,
  • Signal and Data Processing,
  • Deep Learning,
  • Reinforcement Learning,
  • Route, Motion and Maneuver Planning,
  • Probabilistic Approaches,
  • Big Data Processing and Management,

to develop intelligent systems in the field of artificial intelligence and aviation to develop new technologies. Team members have the chance of working with the experts in the field as well as responsible with the ongoing innovative projects which use the cutting edge technologies.


  • Degree in Computer, Software, Electrics-Electronics, Mechatronics, Control and Automation, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering or similar,
  • Follows the Research Literature in the field of Computer Vision, willing to improve more in the field.
  • Experience with programming languages like Python, C and C++,
  • Proficiency with using the libraries of the Computer Vision or writing the algorithms from scratch if necessary.
  • Experience with Object Detection and Object Tracking,
  • Proficient English in writing and reading for research and documentation.
  • Experience with deep learning libraries,
  • Responsible, eager to research and ability to work in teams,
  • For male candidates they should complete or not associated with military service for 2 years,
  • Ability to work within demanding workload and flexible work hours,
  • Able to travel for work,


  • Master’s degree or student in computer vision or data science related disciplines,
  • Developed various projects in the field of autonomy,
  • Developed various projects in the field of SLAM, visual odometry,
  • Knowledgeable with the homography, epipolar geometry, feature matching, image warping, optimization methods and many other computer vision related topics,
  • Experience with object oriented programming, layered architecture and good algorithm development,
  • Experience with OpenCV, Matlab Computer Vision Toolbox,
  • Experience with high performance parallel computing over GPU and CPU,

We are looking for teammates willing to join our young and dynamic R&D team. If you wish to do research in the field of artificial intelligence and develop life-changing technologies, we are looking forward to hearing from you!